Will injuries bleed out the Vikings?

By Denver Dombroski
Captain of the Once Great Vikings

Just two games into the spring season and the OG Vikings have already shown that they are not the same unorganized team they were at this point last fall.

With a huge season opener 2-0 win against Black Magic and an equally huge 0-0 draw with the Redcoats this past weekend the Vikings are making it clear they will be a force to be reckoned with. That is of course if they can stay healthy.

The season opener dealt a massive blow to the OGV defense with their sweeper Chad Thinnes blowing out his ACL and several key Viking’s benched themselves against the Red Coats due to various injuries. The Vikings managed to draw the tie against the Redcoats while basically running on fumes.

OGVThis weekend the Vikings possibly working with a skeleton crew due to Easter holiday weekend will face Green Machine. The OGV will need a win to keep themselves in the upper half of the standings all the while taking advantage of the absence of injured players in hopes they will find some much needed recuperation time.

The OGV held practices all winter to find a groove that was lacking for the better half of last season and they feel they have found it for sure but the injuries are putting a strain on things. Its like lifting weights all the time and knowing that the results are there but being way to sore to flex the muscles and show off the progress! For now the Vikings will pat themselves on their backs for the two games that are already in the books.

Besting Black Magic, the number two team in the league last season is reason alone to smile but managing a tie against the Redcoats who are returning to B division from A division is as good as “icing” on the cake! If they can stay healthy the Vikings honestly believe that they can be a top contender in the B division. At this point, only time (healing) will tell!


Chad Thinnes