Winter indoor 2014-2015 – Standings and results

Updated 12/21/2014


Week #1 December 6, 2014
3:00pm IFC 6 – IOGV 1
3:50pm Red Stripe 10 – Green Machine 1
4:40pm Three Monkeys 5 – Black Magic 2
5:30pm The OC 3 – Queen City Soccer 10
6:20pm Trace 6 – The Hulks 4
7:10pm Bayern 4 – Purple Rain 6
8:00pm FC Ovo 6 – Grey Cats 5

Week #2 December 13, 2014
3:00pm FC Ovo 7 – Green Machine 4
3:50pm Queen City Soccer 7 – Red Stripe 4
4:40pm Three Monkeys 5 – The OC 7
5:30pm Purple Rain 5 – Grey Cats 5
6:20pm IFC 7 – The Hulks 1
7:10pm Black Magic 5 – Bayern 12
8:00pm IOGV 5 – Trace 5

Week #3 December 20, 2014
3:00pm The OC 8 – IOGV 3
3:50pm Grey Cats 8 – Red Stripe 5
4:40pm Green Machine 0 – Three Monkeys 8
5:30pm The Hulks 6 – Black Magic 4
6:20pm Bayern 4 – Trace 13
7:10pm IFC 4 – Purple Rain 1
8:00pm Queen City Soccer 7 – FC Ovo 7

Holiday weekend December 27, 2014
No games

Week #4 January 3, 2015
3:00pm The OC at FC Ovo
3:50pm The Hulks at Green Machine
4:40pm IOGV at Queen City Soccer
5:30pm Three Monkeys at Purple Rain
6:20pm Red Stripe at Bayern
7:10pm Black Magic at Grey Cats
8:00pm Trace at IFC

Week #5 January 10, 2015
3:00pm Queen City Soccer at IFC
3:50pm IOGV at Three Monkeys
4:40pm Red Stripe at Black Magic
5:30pm Bayern at The OC
6:20pm Purple Rain at Trace
7:10pm Green Machine at Grey Cats
8:00pm The Hulks at FC Ovo

Week #6 January 17, 2015
3:00pm The Hulks at IOGV
3:50pm FC Ovo at Red Stripe
4:40pm Grey Cats at Three Monkeys
5:30pm Bayern at Queen City Soccer
6:20pm IFC at The OC
7:10pm Green Machine at Trace
8:00pm Black Magic at Purple Rain

Week #7 January 24, 2015
3:00pm Red Stripe at IOGV
3:50pm Three Monkeys at IFC
4:40pm Bayern at Green Machine
5:30pm Queen City Soccer at Grey Cats
6:20pm Purple Rain at The Hulks
7:10pm Trace at The OC
8:00pm Black Magic at FC Ovo

Week #8 January 31, 2015
3:00pm Trace at Queen City Soccer
3:50pm Black Magic at Green Machine
4:40pm The Hulks at Three Monkeys
5:30pm Red Stripe at IFC
6:20pm Grey Cats at The OC
7:10pm IOGV at Purple Rain
8:00pm Bayern at FC Ovo

Week #9 February 7, 2015
3:00pm FC Ovo at IOGV
3:50pm Purple Rain at Red Stripe
4:40pm Green Machine at Queen City Soccer
5:30pm IFC at Grey Cats
6:20pm The OC at The Hulks
7:10pm Three Monkeys at Bayern
8:00pm Black Magic at Trace

Week #10 February 14, 2015
3:00pm Grey Cats at Trace
3:50pm The OC at Green Machine
4:40pm The Hulks at Red Stripe
5:30pm FC Ovo at Three Monkeys
6:20pm IFC at Black Magic
7:10pm Purple Rain at Queen City Soccer
8:00pm Bayern at IOGV

Week #11 February 21, 2015
3:00pm Green Machine at IFC
3:50pm Red Stripe at Three Monkeys
4:40pm Queen City Soccer at Black Magic
5:30pm Purple Rain at The OC
6:20pm FC Ovo at Trace
7:10pm The Hulks at Bayern
8:00pm IOGV at Grey Cats